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Sep 21

Energy Star Certification - Town Offices

Posted to Chelmsford Connection by Paul Cohen

The Chelmsford Town Offices, located at 50 Billerica Road, has obtained Energy Star Certification for 2015.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency has rated the building at 77 for its superior energy performance and resulting reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
Nov 17

Tips to Prevent Doorstep Thieves This Holiday Season

Posted to Chief's Corner by Jim Spinney

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, the Chelmsford Police Department and I would like to remind residents to be vigilant when ordering gifts online by following several easy steps to prevent doorstep theft.

Never put yourself in a position where your gift orders are going to be at risk. Every year around this time we see an increase in packages taken from homes after they're delivered. We would hate to see anyone lose a valuable purchase because someone was not home to retrieve it on time.

FedEx and UPS offer services to assist customers. To ensure packages are not stolen, consider:

• Requesting a signature on your deliveries, especially those of high value, so they are not left unattended. You can also give specific instructions on where to leave a package so it is not left in a visible spot.

• Signing up for an email alert that will notify you when your delivery is set to arrive.

• Choosing an alternative destination -- either at work or at a family member's, friend's or neighbor's house where someone will be home to receive the delivery.

• Re-directing packages, even if they're already on their way. Send them to your closest FedEx or UPS office, or another secure location.

• Setting up a vacation hold if you'll be away during the holidays so gifts will not be delivered to an empty house.

If you arrive home to find your package has been stolen, immediately report it to police. However, if the item was not insured, the chances of receiving it back are slim.

Residents should NEVER accept a surprise package or gift where a payment is required. Additionally, do not give out any personal information when retrieving a delivery if you initiated the purchase.

Stay Safe,
Chief James M. Spinney

Mar 10


Posted to Town Clerk Times by Tricia Dzuris

The Presidential Primary took place on March 3, 2020. We are almost finished all of the post election follow up. The hand count and write in votes have all been tabulated and the official election results have been certified, posted and reported to the State Elections Division. Jennifer is almost done updating the voter activity in the State Voter Registration Information System (VRIS) and the tabulators, poll pads, supply crates and Warden's crates are  being set up for the local election on April 7th.  The ballot positions have been set and we are waiting for the draft ballot to come back for approval. Once that is done, we will send out our memory cards and security keys to be programmed for this next election.   Files will be uploaded and tabulators will again be tested prior to the election. Election workers have already been scheduled and confirmation letters will be going out to them shortly. A huge thank you to my staff and all of the dedicated election workers for their outstanding performance! I rely on their endurance as we take a collective, restorative breathe and push forward to the next election!McCarthy Large Gym