Pay Taxes

The Town of Chelmsford offers online bill payment through City Hall Systems. Payments may be made via ACH (electronic checking) or by Credit Card. There is a fee for this service only if you pay by credit card.

Select a Bill to pay online

Real Estate Tax

Personal Property Tax

Motor Excise Vehicle Tax

Sewer Bills

Create an Online Account

While online bill payment does not require an account, there are many benefits associated with creating an online account.  Accounts allow you to sign up for electronic bill notices, see online payment history, see historical copies of bills, set a bill up for autopay, or schedule a future payment on a bill.  To create an online account select Sign Up under My Account.


What are the costs?

ACH (ELECTRONIC TRANSFER): Pay your Chelmsford bill from your checking or savings account.  You can pay as many bills as you would like at one time through the bill cart.  There is no fee for ACH payments.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS: We accept MasterCard®, Discover®, VISA®, and American Express® (starting 2017).  If you are using a Debit Card, it will be treated as a credit card payment and will have the same charges associated with credit card payments. The convenience fee for using a credit/debit card is 2.95% ($1.00 minimum)

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