Retiree Benefits

The Town of Chelmsford requires insured retired employees and their covered spouses  to file for Medicare Part A & Part B at 65 years.  It is recommend that you file four (4) months prior to your birth  month with Social Security Administration either online, by calling your local office for an appointment or scheduling a phone interview by calling 1-800-772-1213.

If you or your covered spouse do not file for Medicare Part A & Part B at 65 years and file at a later date, you could both face financial penalties.  Further, an insured member may risk losing  HMO or PPO insurance coverage through the Town of Chelmsford as you are not able to remain on these plans past age 65.  Even if you do not qualify for Medicare Part A because you waived Medicare tax as an employee prior to 1986.  Retirees from the Town of Chelmsford must file and accept Medicare Part A & Part B at 65.

The Town of Chelmsford has adopted a program through Social Security to purchase Medicare Part A for its retirees and their spouses who do not qualify.  Please contact Human Resources for more details to see if this might apply to you.

Once you receive your Medicare card with Part A & Part B benefits, you may enroll in one of the two Medicare Supplemental plans offered by the Town of Chelmsford listed below.  A completed enrollment form must be filled out individually for each applicant and submitted along with a copy of the Medicare card to Human Resources.

Insurance Rates

Annual Open Enrollment
Retirees enrolling or changing plans to the under 65 Medical Insurance,  Dental, or Vision insurance is the month of May.  Enrollment is effective on July 1.

For enrollment in the over 65 Medical Insurance, Annual Open Enrollment is the month of November for retirees and spouses either switching supplemental coverage between plans offered by the Town of Chelmsford or seeking insurance upon reaching age 65 and not currently insured by the Town of  Chelmsford.  Enrollment is effective on January 1.

BCBS Enrollment Form 

Plan Summaries 

The Blue Medicare Rx, Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) is included as a benefit to both supplemental health plans above.  Here is the plan summary with co-payments:  Blue Medicare Rx - Prescription Drug Program