Beaches Schedule & Closures

Heart Pond and Freeman Lake Beach at Varney Park are scheduled to be open with Lifeguards 10am – 6pm daily June 21, 2022, through August 28, 2022.

For more information on beach amenities and rules, click here for Heart Pond and click here for Freeman Lake at Varney Park.

We will post closure(s) of either Beach on this site due to the following reasons:

  • · No Lifeguards on Duty
  • · High E.coli counts above the recreational water limit of 235/100ml.
  • · Harmful algal blooms (HABS)
  • · Exceeding levels of animal feces
  • · Dangerous wading conditions due to excess weeds Please click here for additional details:

Weekly E.Coli counts:

· June 29, 2022 - Freeman Lake: 11/100ml and Heart Pond: 21/100ml

. July 5, 2022- Freeman Lake: 3/100ml and Heart Pond: 6/100ml

. July 12, 2022- Freeman Lake 1/100ml and Heart Pond 3/100ml

. July 19, 2022- Freeman Lake 45/100ml and Heart Pond 199/100ml

. July 27, 2022- Freeman Lake 12/100ml and Heart Pond 5/100ml

. August 4, 2022- Freeman Lake108/100ml and Heart Pond 2ml/100ml

.August 10, 2022- Freeman Lake 5/100ml and Heart Pond 7/100ml

.August 17, 2022- Freeman Lake 156/100ml and Heart Pond 6/100ml